BLACKMORE’S NIGHT Celebrating A Quarter Century Of Shadow Of The Moon. Win A Signed Guitar!!

Today finally sees the re-release of Blackmore’s Night’s milestone debut album “Shadow Of The Moon”.

To fully celebrate the occasion, two copies of the Limited Black LP Edition contain a “Golden Ticket” with which two lucky fans will win an original Fender Ritchie Blackmore Olympic White Stratocaster guitar, signed by Blackmore’s Night 

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“Shadow Of The Moon” was not only Blackmore’s deliberate radical cut from his previous life as a celebrated rockstar in Deep Purple and Rainbow; it was a ground- breaking statement of his artistic ideals: mainly acoustic music, influenced by the songs of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance with a touch of genius that made them sound contemporary.

The album’s 25th Anniversary Edition features fully remixed audio that was converted in HD from the original recording, allowing the performance to shine in its original glory. The original iconic artwork has been restored and reworked in preparation for the anniversary.

“Shadow Of The Moon” will be re-released in a series of physical formats, each including two previously unreleased acoustic songs (‘Spirit Of The Sea’ and ‘Shadow Of The Moon’ – both recorded in an intimate home session by Candice and Ritchie in 2022), enhanced artwork with never seen before photos & memorabilia and an extensive new interview with Ritchie and Candice.

All physical first print editions will also carry an exclusive “Shadow Of The Moon” documentary on DVD as a bonus and various album bundles will become available via a “Shadow Of The Moon – 25th Anniversary Edition” direct to consumer web shop.

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