Can’t Swim Release New Album ‘Thanks But No Thanks’ & Share Music Video For ‘Can You Help Me?’

Photo Credit: Paige Tate

New Jersey rock band, Can’t Swim, have released their fourth full length studio album, Thanks But No Thanks, out now via Pure Noise Records.

Stream Thanks But No Thanks HERE.

Speaking on the album release, lead singer Chris LoPorto says, “Thanks But No Thanks is my favorite Can’t Swim release to date. Not because I think the songs are better compared to our other records (I’m proud of all the stuff we’ve done) but it has made me fall back in love with music and especially making it with my band. Art is a funny thing, as soon as it starts to feel like your job the enjoyment and excitement of it all can severely decrease, this album did the complete opposite for me. This record marks 7 years of putting out music and it made me feel like we are just getting started. Love y’all.”

Over these past seven years, Can’t Swim have stretched their wings dabbling in everything from frantic hardcore to ethereal indie, but found their way back to their musical home. There is a joy sprinkled in between the self-referential wryness found in the lyrics on the record, along with a finely tuned melodic edge that balances out the band’s more brooding nature.

Thanks But No Thanks highlights the evolution of Can’t Swim as a band. What once were presented as insurmountable obstacles on previous albums are now framed as hard-but-necessary lessons that need confronting to move forward and grow, calling upon new levels of resolve and strength to dull down life’s demons. Through it all, the band have been able to truly block out the noise and let their conscience resonate loudest of all.

To celebrate, the band also shares the accompanying music video for their new single, can you help me?. Directed by guitarist Danny Rico, the clip is a one-take shot of the band performing the track in the back of a truck as LoPorto combs through signs of key lyrics.

“can you help me? is a song about a friend of mine that passed away while they were in prison,” shares LoPorto“It’s a somewhat short story of our relationship, when we met, where I was in my life at that time and being along with them while they struggled with their addiction. Being at their funeral and talking to them through the glass, a song about regret but also recollection of the impact they had on my life, good and bad.”

Can’t Swim are currently hitting the road across America supporting Free Throw, wrapping up on April 9th in Worcester, Massachusetts.

Order and stream Thanks But No Thanks HERE.