A Galaxy Far, Far Away – long live the Empire – Galactic Empire, that is. The galaxy’s favorite metal band has announced their third studio album and Pure Noise Records debut, Special Edition. The eleven track collection is set to be released on May 5th and features tracks from across the Star Wars cinematic universe. Fans can check out the band’s latest single and music video, The Mandalorian,

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“Greetings, citizens of Earth. We are Galactic Empire and we have once again returned to unleash the ultimate sonic weapon: our third album, Special Edition,” shares Lord Sikh“We unveil the new single and music video for The Mandalorian directed by the mysterious Sith Lord, Eric DiCarlo. Show your true loyalty to the Empire by pre-ordering our new album so that we may rebuild the Death Star and continue our galactic conquest to bring music live to your planet and hometown.”

With the release of The Mandalorian Theme, we get an insight into what the new album, Special Edition, will sound like. Heavy on the drums and guitar, this revision of The Mandalorian will have listeners eager to see how the band has transformed other familiar favorites.

Galactic Empire will celebrate the release of Special Edition with their Revenge of the Fifth show on May 5th at Mickey’s Black Box in Lilitz, Pennsylvania.