PhaseOne + Void Of Vision Partner For Raucous New Collab Single ‘Eyes Wide Shut’

Hot on the heels of explosive, 2022-released collabs with forward-thinking metal bands ERRA and Polaris, hard-hitting Aussie producer PhaseOne has now partnered with Void Of Vision for raucous new track titled Eyes Wide Shut.

It’s a radioactive cauldron of synths and beats, thunderous sounds, soaring vocals, and clawed-the-bowels-of-hell screams. It’s a sonic thrill ride in which you will experience ALL of the feels. It’s an excellent execution of an EDM x metalcore mashup, as PhaseOne has become known for!

“The instrumental for this song was the first demo I made for this UNFD project,” PhaseOne states. “It evolved many times before the final product, but the final result is something I’m very proud of! It is a metalcore-focused song with synth riffs mimicking the guitars throughout the entire track, giving it that electronic blend before breaking off into a full blown drum & bass section, which catches the listener off-guard in the best way possible. Jack [Bergin] from Void Of Vision sent me his vocal top line, and it was the cherry on top, as it really tied the track together. He nailed the assignment, fulfilling all the sections super tastefully with his wonderful vocal range.”

“The idea of working alongside PhaseOne has always been something floating around VOV camp as we’ve delved further into the electronic world we’re now within, whether it be between ourselves or with colleagues,” says Bergin. “When we were approached for the collab, it was an absolute no brainer, not just in the aspiration sense, but also to continue pushing the envelope of areas where we can go as a band.” He continues “It’s been a rewarding year creating and releasing our most experimental work to date so getting to release this track which is somewhat of a culmination of every area we’ve been exploring sonically, was just a perfect way to keep up the momentum and leave people still curious as to what comes next. Getting to experiment a lot more with a more dynamic vocal range was such a huge confidence booster for myself and I can’t thank PhaseOne enough for letting me tackle some new things in this one.”

Bergin finishes, “Lyrically, Eyes Wide Shut serves as a mental slap in the face for myself, a reminder to snap out of falling back into old habits which I’ve done so well of keeping out of the past few years. As I was personally wrapping the year that had been with a hectic touring schedule and leaving my old job, I felt like I was almost developing some kind of martyr complex amidst the burnout. When I hopped into the studio to record for this one, it was very easy to pen down that exact moment and place it within the art, kind of preparing me mentally to go into the new year with a clean slate.”

As noted, PhaseOne is no stranger to collaborations in the rock and metal world, with the acclaimed EDM artist having previously teamed up with the likes of Northlane, Silverstein, Crystal Lake, Thy Art Is Murder, and countless others, with his distinct brand of hard hitting guitars welded to heavy-duty bass endearing him globally, racking up 75 million streams and a formidable live reputation in the process. And while his sensational emergence onto the scene back in 2013 saw him whip ears and crowds into a frenzy via his unique take on bass music production, his latest endeavor — a collection of collaborations with some of the hottest names in heavy music curated by UNFD — is seeing him reach new audiences and fresh creative heights.

Icarus, the collaboration with Polaris, has already tallied nearly 1.5 million streams, while World Unknown with ERRA is just about to hit a million streams since it’s December release.

 World Unknown (With ERRA)
Icarus (With Polaris)