LAST IN LINE Release Do The Work – The second song from the forthcoming studio album “Jericho”

“Modern Slaves are not in chains / Do you get wet / Or do you feel the rain?” – even though people may not be physically restrained, they can still feel like they are chained to their circumstances.
“Do The Work” is a dynamic and thought- provoking track that encourages listeners to strive for success and self-realization despite any obstacles they may face. The catchy and uplifting chorus invites you to shout along with the band: Do the work!

A video produced by Last in Line captures the raw energy and unbridled joy of playing heavy music.

Watch the video and be warned:
You may find yourself nostalgically reminiscing about a time when great music was the only thing that mattered, and Rock & Metal music videos were unscripted and genuine.


“Jericho” will be released on March 31 via earMUSIC.
The album features 12 new tracks, including the recently released singles, that are sure to please all fans of the genre.

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