Crashdiet + Sisters Doll – Woolly Mammoth Brisbane 18/02/23 

Review : James Schmidt 
After multiple false starts over the past few years (like everyone else) Swedish Sleeze merchants Crashdiet have finally made it out for their second Australian tour and the first in over 10 years (having last toured here back in 2011).

To say that Crashdiet have had a hard road to get to this point would be an understatement.  Between the tragic departure of founding vocalist Dave Lepard, the sudden departure of vocalist Simon Cruz and longtime bass player Peter London unable to make this tour due to a sudden illness, it is a minor miracle that the band are still standing, but standing they are and deliver they did!

Rocking up somewhat late to the show due to the large crowd trying to get into Fortitude music hall to see Yung Gravy (yes, I know, who the fuck is yung gravy and why do they have people lining up around the block and annoyingly filling up car parks) I managed to make it in to see the end of Sisters Doll’s set.
I have seen and heard a lot about these guys over the last few years, and of what I have heard it has all been very positive.  Catching them about halfway through their set it’s clear to see they have become a very tight unit and very committed to what they are trying to do.  I’m keen to see what they are going to grow into, musically they are VERY tight and very confident on stage.
Before too long Crashdiet hit the stage and go about kicking the arse of the diehard fans in attendance.
Blasting straight into Together Whatever and Shine on Vocalist Gabriel Keyes proves that he is more than a worthy frontman for the band.  His voice hits all the right notes and never fails him. With hardly a breath the band blast through classics. “Down With the Dust” “Cocaine Cowboys” and “In the Raw”.
Despite some sound issues (Matin Sweet’s killer guitar work could have done with being higher in the mix, but that’s just my personal taste) each song landed brilliantly for us longtime fans.
To say I was chuffed to hear the inclusion of “It’s a Miracle” would be an understatement but the total arse kicking that was delivered by set closer “Generation Wild” made up for all the time we’ve been having to wait to see these guys again in Australia.
I hope that nothing will stop the guys coming out again sometime soon.  Total class act and would go to see them again any time of the day or night anywhere I can get to them…