CHOOF Release the brand new video “Yoghurt Cups” from their debut EP “Dimwitted Amoral Exploitation” out 27.4.23

Melbourne outlaw grind act Choof have been busy making a name for themselves over the past few years as one of the most outrageous, yet entertaining and extreme bands Australia has produced in years. Now the fruits of their labour have come to a head with the release of their debut 10” vinyl EP “Dimwitted Amoral Exploitation” accompanied by the equally absurd video for the single “Yoghurt Cups”.

Never a band to shy away from, well… anything, Choof bring the chaos hard on this first taste of what the band can conjure up. Intense, noisy, and downright rude, the EP is a fast-paced grind and groove onslaught that leaves the listener aurally assaulted and similarly intrigued. A combination of grating black metal coupled with the intensity and attitude of Australia’s best metal and punk, Choof present an incredibly strong EP for their first offering in the recorded medium.

The video for the track “Yoghurt Cups” is as ridiculous as its sounds, following the adventures of a young man who just wants a “choof”. It’s live on social media and Youtube now and also features the band blasting through the track at Melbourne’s infamous “Old Bar” venue in Fitzroy. Choof’s new EP is a must for any fan of the extreme music realm to check out and marks the arrival of a band hellbent on making serious noise in the scene.

Choof have a stack of shows soon to be announced with a very special tour so keep your eyes peeled for details in the near future. Until then, their debut EP “Dimwitted Amoral Exploitation” is available for pre-order now via Dead Set Records and Artist First and digitally through Bloodblast Distribution.

Pre-order vinyl and merch bundles here: