City and Colour + Dooms Children @ The Tivoli Brisbane 14.02.23

Review and Pics : JD Garrahy


Mondays. Am I right? No one likes Mondays. But in Brisbane’s The Tivoli on this humid night, the beginning of another week’s blow, is softened by the charismatic and gentle voiced stylings of City and Colour.

We were all very excited when Alexisonfire announced the return to our shores late last year. But, what we did not expect, was to be blessed with a Dallas Green tour to coincide with it. Well, we were not only gifted this, but support from fellow Alexis axe man Wade McNeil’s side project Dooms Children. We certainly were good boys and girls at Christmas, weren’t we kiddos?
As the Dooms Children members take the stage and Wade picks up a gloss black Flying V, the crowd cheers in anticipation. The talent that this guy has in his little finger would be enough to fuel many bands a thousand times over. With a voice that brings memories of classic rock, McNeil and crew play through song after song of dazzling fretwork coupled with a voice rough, yet soothing. Taking you on a ride through a fantastic musical journey, it’s brilliant to see these guys on the bill as support for their comrade Mr Green.
Regaling us with tales of his road trip around Australia atop a Harley, we’re informed of the occasions that he was almost taken out by numerous kangaroos, but also bogans as well. These stories help to paint a picture of a man that is truly appreciative of the world around him and also the privilege he knows comes with being able to visit our great homeland. I for one, would love to see a full headline set from these guys, good old-fashioned rock ‘n roll.

The lights go down to thunderous applause and Dallas walks out to this adoring crowd. Straight off the bat is ‘Meant To Be’, an amazing piece of music that leads into an all career encompassing setlist that is sure to bring happiness to even the most recently acquired fans. Green tells us, “here’s one for you all to dance along to” as the unmistakable bass and drum kicks in for ‘Thirst’, which gets everyone singing along in unison.

Between songs, we are treated to stories of life on the road, hecklers (to which people shout out “play another sad song!”, much to Green’s amusement), and an introduction to a truly talented band gracing the stage with him. ‘Weightless’ from the album ‘Little Hell’ is received with the crowd giving a loud cheer to show their excitement. Now, it doesn’t stop there as we’re then gifted ‘I’m In Delaware’, ‘Underground’ & ‘Fragile Bird’. The man has a way to speak to your soul and make you feel like you’re the only one in the room. With a voice as soft and gentle while still belting out the most powerful melody, Green cuts through your heart and speaks to every emotion possible all at once.

With a small lull between the ever-inevitable encore, once more they grace the stage and Green gives us a story about the writing process for ‘Comin’ Home’, and also how much he knows that the crowd wants to hear the back catalog, but he really doesn’t give a shit and will play his new tracks regardless (cue laughter from the crowd). This is a special version of this song as as we come to the end, it morphs into an acoustic version of Alexisonfire’s song ‘This Could Be Anywhere In The World’ which garners one of the most brilliant sing-alongs i’ve heard at a gig. Just magical. Closing out the encore with ‘The Girl’, ‘Lover Come Back’ and ‘Sleeping Sickness’, this truly has been a night that has resonated with the whole congregation.

Departing is always hard when we’ve all shared an evening with some of the most heartfelt and prolific songwriters of modern times. Tonight, shall be etched in our memories forever more. Thank you for gracing our shores once more, it was magical.