Grace Amos announces new single GIVE UP THE CHASE out now, debut EP ALL ABT U out march 3rd

Young rocker Grace Amos has just dropped her electric new single GIVE UP THE CHASE, a chugging, steamy song about two young people navigating a new relationship. The new track sees Grace completely embracing a powerful rock sound and precedes the talented artists’ debut EP ALL ABT U which is scheduled for release on March 3, 2023.

Australia’s answer to the likes of Dove Cameron, Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato, Grace turns the dial up to 11 on GIVE UP THE CHASE. Her spectacular voice reigns supreme above the distorted guitars and wild drums that drive the track, and everything about the song oozes power and control. This is Grace’s world, and we’re all just living in it. Speaking on the inspiration behind the song, Grace says, “It’s not a sad song – there’s something so exciting about the unknown and ‘the chase’ when it comes to falling for someone and navigating a new type of relationship. This song is a playful take on the struggles of modern dating and the fun that comes with young relationships and their somewhat obsessive nature.”

Grace’s highly anticipated debut EP ALL ABT U also chronicles the fun, heartbreak and tension of dating as a young person. Her signature rock sound is in full force throughout the EP, as she flexes her musicality in new and exciting ways, demonstrating skill and understanding beyond her years. Reflecting on the creative process behind the EP, Grace says, “I like to think of this EP as a staple in time, a memory for me to look back on when reflecting on my time leaving high school and starting my first year at university and college. The themes of this EP are all about navigating new relationships and finding my place in the world.”

Over 2022, Grace Amos made great strides in her career, hitting milestones many artists do not reach until much later in life. Her discography hit over 410,000 streams on Spotify alone, she performed to a crowd of 42,000 people at Suncorp Stadium and played alongside Aussie rock faves Skeggs and Middle Kids at Valleyways Festival in September. In 2022, Grace also released a series of singles that saw her meteoric rise to one of the most exciting new voices in Aussie rock music to date. With the EP set for release on March 3, Grace is hitting the road running in 2023, continuing to develop her impressive back catalogue with impeccable care and commitment.

The EP ALL ABT U is out March 3, 2023. GIVE UP THE CHASE is out now.