PLINI + Protest the Hero + I Built the Sky @ Princess Theatre Brisbane THURSDAY 2 FEBRUARY 2023

Review and pics: Dan Maynard

It’s a school night, it’s 30+ degrees with humidity punching you in the face Muhammad Ali style. But, outside Brisbane’s Princess Theatre, a line down the road forms as we await doors to open to tonight’s long awaited Plini show. With opening acts Protest the Hero and I Built the Sky, it’s no wonder there’s a queue this long already.

First up is Melbourne’s very own instrumental act, I Built the Sky. Fronted by the brains behind the operation Ro Stevenson and backed by three incredible musicians, I Built the Sky are here to prove why they’re rising the ladder so quickly. I won’t lie, before todays show, I hadnt heard of I Built the Sky but not actually properly heard his music. I don’t remember the last time I was so quickly drawn to a band I’d never heard before. Between the massive sound of the drums, the stunning clarity of the guitar and perfectly accompanying samples and keys to blend it all, I was absolutely caught off guard. I hope my Spotify is ready to go into I Built the Sky overload.

Next up, Canadian prog/math/metal/punk legends Protest the Hero. Only having the chance to visit our shores a few times over the years, it’s always a treat and absolute pleasure to have PTH perform here. With a new album at their disposal, the set is heavy with Palimpest tracks and they sound incredible to say the least. The set opens with the lights dropping and the intro to The Migrant Mother over the system. As frontman Rody Walker takes to the stage, the band blast into an epic chord driven opening. As usual, Rodys stage presence shines and radiates to the crowd. His fun and crazy antics on stage bring life to an already big show. Blasting through Clarity and Limb for Limb, the set is a perfect little taste tester for anyone who is new to the band. One thing we do need, is a Protest the Hero headline tour soon!

The stage is cleared of all cables and amps, running digital means a tidy and clean empty stage, which definitely adds to the atmosphere and dynamics that the music of Plini brings to the table. As the lights come to a dim, we’re treated to a hilarious cut of The Police hit single Roxanne, cutting everything but the word “Rox”. With the crowd in fun high spirits, the band take to the stage and the crowd erupts.

The set opens with 2020s Impulse Voices closing track The Glass Bead Game, a nine minute epic start to what will be insane show. With barely a chance to breathe, Papelillo comes next followed by I’ll Tell You SomedayPlini smiles into the crowd pretty much the entire time, he radiates pure happiness and joy and clearly loves what he does. And damn does he do it well.

It’s a full blown set of monstrous instrumental soundscapes. The crowd is nothing but respectful and high spirited, showing nothing but love for our Aussie gem. As the set comes to a close, it feels like we could have watched another full set and not winced once at the time. I’m sure Plini won’t be far off another tour, so if you missed out, don’t hesitate at grabbing a ticket next time round. This was a line up for the ages, perfectly fitted support acts and everyone brought their A game. 10 out of 10, would do it all again.

Summer Tour 
with Protest The Hero & I Built The Sky
Tour Dates:

Saturday 4 February – The Gov, Adelaide

Sunday 5 February – Magnet House, Perth

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