Munt Release new single & video ‘The Vengeful March’ from upcoming ‘Pain Ouroboros’ EP

Step aside and pay heed, Melbourne’s Munt have re-emerged from Covid obscurity in an evolved form – playing a hybrid mix of extreme metal that draws energy from many sources. Their underlying atmosphere is informed by venomous and bitter black metal that melds into the frantic charge of chaotic grindcore, with a pounding D-beat influence that fuses seamlessly with percussive, modern hardcore sensibilities.

With this, the first single and video for the track ‘The Vengeful March’, from the looming new EP, ‘Pain Ouroboros’, is here.  ‘The Vengeful March’ asks the questions of ends justifying means. When injustice, corruption and oppression are rampant in a society, is the path of violent revolution or conflict not only justified, but necessary?


‘Pain Ouroboros’, a new 5 track EP due for release on March 3rd, 2023, leans further into infusing death metal into an already vicious experience… and while fast paced destruction will always dominate the landscape, there is still room for the slow-paced crushing doom of a tar-coated sludge riff.

With 2 music videos and killer live shows supporting this latest offering, don’t look away… things are just getting started!

‘The Vengeful March’ video:



‘Pain Ouroboros’ EP released independently: March 3rd, 2023