Deadhouse Gates Announce Debut EP

With the streaming release of the second track ‘Ronin’ from their upcoming debut EP, Deadhouse Gates are coming out swinging with their thunderously brutal debut. A mix of thrash, death and groove and some echoes of black metal scorching its way from vocalist Zak’s formidable pipes.
Taking their name from the epic Steven Erikson novel and rising in 2021 from the ashes of New Zealand metal stalwarts Subtract, ex-members Mark Rees (drums) and Martin Needle (guitar) have joined forces with Zak Whiting (bass/vocals) to form this hard hitting trio.

Mark says of the formation, “We’d made decent start on some strong new material when it became apparent that Subtract had run its course. It was an easy decision to move forward and start fresh with a new project.”
“After a long search for right people to fill the planned vocals and bass slots, Zak comes along and smashes both roles! At that point it was a no-brainer to move forward as a three piece.”

Martin on the recording process: “It was important to us to have a real DIY attitude to tracking the whole thing. No pro studios, no expensive engineers and equipment. Mark’s drums were tracked at a friend’s rehearsal space – thanks Jamie! – and all the guitars and vocals were recorded in the basement of my house.”
“We recorded long takes with very little editing in the mixing process, and we then mixed and produced everything ourselves.  Even down to artwork. We tried to keep it as punk as possible.”

The band are currently in heavy rehearsal and hope to start playing shows around New Zealand in the new year, with plans to take things further afield later in 2023.
The self-titled EP ‘Deadhouse Gates’ is released independently on the band’s own label, The Deadhouse Records, across all streaming platforms from October 31st 2022.  Limited vinyl release slated for December 2022.