Mikey Arthur from The Gloom In the Corner talks ‘Trinity’

This Friday “cinema-core” specialists THE GLOOM IN THE CORNER will release their sophomore studio album Trinity

The Everblack Podcast spoke to Gloom In The Corner frontman and mastermind Mikey Arthur about their new album ‘Trinity’, the concept behind the albums story, the incredible guests on the record like Monique Pym (Reliqa), Ryo Kinoshita (Crystal Lake) and Monica Strut (The Last Martyr), his love of pop culture and it’s influence on his writing, touring and more!

Watch/listen to the interview here:

The origin story of Elias DeGraver and Atticus Encey is a dark and gruesome tale; in his adolescence, the church DeGraver was a part of attempted to murder him when they discovered his supernatural abilities, seeing him as demonic and a false messiah. In response, Encey, an ancient Gloom that, much like Sherlock, was reincarnated in DeGraver, emerged from DeGraver, and turned on his friends and family, burning down the establishment with everyone in it; only he and Encey survived. Wandering the streets alone, DeGraver was taken in by a chapter of the Holy Order and converted to their religion, being taught that monsters and supernaturalists are better than mortals, though DeGraver still saw them as equal. Over time, DeGraver and Encey rise through the ranks of the faction, soon becoming the President of the entire global organization in the events leading up to Jay and Sherlock’s demise.

After the Sect’s disbandonment, and the exposure of the supernaturalist community to the public, DeGraver and the Holy Order take charge as an official government agency, tasked with assisting and aiding their community on a worldwide scale. Despite all this, the Order and its community are still frowned upon by the mortals, and after some time, DeGraver and Encey stage a worldwide coup, taking over all governments and military, bringing the supernaturalists to a level higher than ever before in history.

As three souls plunge down from the heavens, death and destruction can be felt hanging in the air like a foul stench. Red clouds swirl around a black sun that never sets and an erratic clock ticks off-tempo, moving faster and slower before rewinding and starting anew. 
Let me paint you a picture…” vocalist Mikey Arthur sings, welcoming listeners with a dramatic opening scene. It takes a skillful guide to navigate the darkest depths of hell. And, as The Gloom In The Corner depict in their second full-length album Trinity, death is merely the beginning of the series of chilling adventures

Purposefully aligning their song count with unlucky number thirteen – a reoccurring symbol in the ever-unfolding Gloom Cinematic Universe or GCU – it comes as little surprise to longtime fans that each of the Australian quartet’s enticing tracks intertwine to form an interlocking tale; this time centered around the appropriately labeled unholy trinity.

Comprised of previously deceased characters Rachel Barker, Ethan Hardy, and Clara Carne, the group’s bloody battle is woven throughout the album as the anti-heroes determinedly claw their way back to Earth from the Rabbit Hole dimension, slashing, shooting, and extinguishing anyone who dares to oppose their quest. Yet, for the Girl of Glass, Ronin, and Queen of Misanthropy, there is clearly more to the story than what can be contained within a single package.

Projecting a wide and complex web of lore, plot twists, and tongue and cheek humor, frontman Mikey Arthur, guitarist Matt Stevens, bassist Paul Musolino, and drummer Nic Haberle, have been producing highly detailed concept releases since their formation. And, consistently filling in more missing pieces of the puzzle with everybody of work, the band equate each new record to a fresh season of The Umbrella Academy dropping on the streaming service of your choice. Because, just as a great TV series captivates viewers with its music and storytelling, the quartet’s work provides a complete experience designed to allow fans to check in with their favorite characters, all the while enjoying a cinematic new soundtrack.

I want to make it really clear who these people are,” guitarist Matt Stevens noted as he addressed the personalities and profiles of the fictional cast. “I want to make it really easy to latch onto the characters, who they are, and literally have people identify parts of themselves when looking at them. I remember as a kid watching Harry Potter, I would think about what house I wanted to be a part of. I think it’s a great way of bringing people in.”

For in the end, as much as Trinity and its cast live within the confines of their own supernatural worlds, themes such as falling out of love (Gatekeeper), battling depression (Obliteration Imminent), and standing behind women’s empowerment (Nor Hell A Fury), are ones that many can relate to or understand. And, while most individuals may avoid drowning their woes by way of transforming into full-on egotistical murderers like the Queen and King of Misanthropy and the gang, The Gloom In The Corner have illustrated that time and time again, life’s a little more fun when you can crack a smile. Taking a page from the Trinity’s playbook: try to avoid the end of the world. But if you can’t…at least spend it with a killer soundtrack.

The Gloom In The Corner – ‘Trinity’ is out Friday October 28 via SharpTone Records