PRIORITIES Release Crushing New Single ‘No Gods, No Kings’

Melbourne metalcore newcomers Priorities just unveiled their crushing new single ‘No Gods, No Kings’. Merging elements of deathcore and metalcore with swaithes of hardcore into a kaleidoscope of brutality, ‘No Gods, No Kings’ treats the listeners to superbly tight instrumentation, gut-punching riffs, catastrophic breakdowns and meliflous leads. Vocalist Mitch Sigge delivers powerful melodies from the deepest depths of inhumane gutturals to convey themes of control and dictatorship in a way that sends shivers down your spine.

“No Gods, No Kings would have to be my favorite songs” explains Sigge,”It’s a bouncy high energy song that always gets everyone in the band revved up. Lyrically the song talks about coming to terms unknowingly being under someone else’s control and trying to find a way to break free from it. It also has a couple of cheeky references to the video game Bioshock sprinkled in there, as that story also deals with (spoilers, but it came out in like 2008 so you’re a bit late to the party if you’re finding this out through me) not knowing your under someone else’s control until you are far to deep.”

No Gods, No Kings is a blasting slammer of true rebellion and awakening” – Demon Reports

Though new to the scene, Priorities have already taken the Australian music scene by storm with their unique and passion-filled take on traditional metalcore. The group has been garnering national coverage and airplay with features on Maniacs, Hysteria Mag, Wall Of Sound, Triple J, Triple M, #52 on The Faction Hardest 100 and have performed alongside Furious George, Suspyria, Caution: Thieves, Catalyst, NTH RD, Druid & more. With more new music & upcoming shows in the works, we are excited to see the new era of Priorities unfold.

‘No Gods, No Kings’ is out now via