PALLBEARER Release Live Video For ‘Vengeance & Ruination’

Arkansas avant-garde doom quartet, Pallbearer, have released a live video for their track ‘Vengeance & Ruination‘, taken from their formidable latest record Forgotten DaysThe footage was recorded at St Vitus in Brooklyn, last year, during a particularly sublime performance.

Released in 2020, Forgotten Days is a poignant album, wrought with catharsis and sombre emotion.

Metal Hammer UK lauded the record, stating that “Forgotten Days is a glorious headfirst plunge back into the darkest recesses of Pallbearer’s sound, taking the crushing abyssal tones of their debut and marrying it to their newfound ear for monolithic songs… (it) captures a band not only at the top of their game but also genre.” with Kerrang! proclaiming, “This is the sound of a genre being refreshed, and of a band making it entirely their own.”

Consequence of Sound stated that “Pallbearer are serving up their most riff-filled doom metal album in years… Forgotten Days is arguably the best doom metal album of 2020”, with Loudwire declaring that “The mystical Pallbearer are never here to bullshit the listeners, keeping their songwriting prowess and stylistic arc solid through their fourth full-length”, whilst Revolver referred to Forgotten Days as “…sweeping and melancholic, it carves out a shadow-cast yet verdant valley between the majesty of vintage Black Sabbath and the morbid romanticism of Type O Negative.”

Pallbearer formed in Little Rock, Arkansas USA in 2008. A heavy rock band from the South isn’t that unlikely, but one that is responsible for, in part, rekindling America’s (and the world’s) passion for heavy rock/doom metal is all but unbelievable. From ​Sorrow and Extinction ​(2012) and​ Foundations ​of Burden ​(2014) to ​Heartless (2017) and Forgotten Days (2020), Pallbearer ignited in generations new and grizzled, not just a renewed interest in originators such as Black Sabbath and Candlemass, but also infatuation over echelons of lesser-knowns. The band are currently working on new material.