The Butterfly Effect – ‘IV’

REVIEW: Dan Maynard

Let me take you back, back to September of 2008. What a time to be alive, that’s also when The Butterfly Effect released their last album Final Conversation of Kings. September 2nd will see the legendary Brisbane quartet release their brand new highly anticipated album IV, almost 14 years to the day.

One of TBE’s best and most consistent traits is their ability at composing stunning and effective album intros and opening track ‘IV’ is no exception. With the beginnings blending the sounds of guitarist Kurt’s signature clean tone and the slight sounds a footsteps, it already makes you feel comfortable and at home. The build up that follows introduces possibly the most recognisable TBE signature sounds, vocalist Clint Boge’s reverbed ambient wails that sit just behind everything else, filling the soundscape so beautifully.

Dark Light kicks off the album as the first official track, a true TBE song. It embodies everything a TBE track should. It’s big, energetic, heavy while still melodic. This song perfectly sums up what the album is, it captures the back catalogue brilliantly, setting the listener up for what can only be described as the perfect TBE album. This track truly gave me chills. The rest of the album that follows is nothing short of stunning. Nil By Mouth revisits their self titled EP, heavy and aggressive while Start Again could be easily slotted into their debut album Begins Here. Then at the other end of the scale, Visiting Hours blends the worlds of Imago and Final Conversation of Kings into one amazing track, it also brings the album to a heartfelt perfect ending that I really would love to see them close a set with.

As someone who has been a dedicated fan for 20 years, IV gives each of their previous albums a run for their money. I even had a chance recently to speak to Clint face to face, albeit very brief, but I used that time to let him know that I had a chance to hear the album and how amazing I thought it was and honestly just the look in his eyes, I could tell how proud he is of this album and by golly he (and the rest of the boys) should be. This is going to be a very strong contender for album of the year for me. Time will tell, but good luck other bands!

The Butterfly Effect – ‘IV’ is set for release on September 2.