‘Dig In’ To Your Next Serving Of PISTONFIST


Relentlessly driving towards their goal of sharing their ‘pedal to the metal’ sound and music as far as they possibly can, PistonFist are back with their latest single release and we recommend that you don’t hesitate, just ‘Dig In’ right now. 

With a smoking hot new track and a music video to go along with it, the Fist deliver another hard hitting display of just what this four piece of heavy talent is capable of, ‘Dig In’ is here and it’s loud and f**king proud.

The new track was written by lead guitarist and shred master, Jimmy along with frontman and fierce leader of this wild pack, Geoffro who sheds some light on what the track is about: “It’s about pushing through the bullshit. Making the big effort and working through it. Not listening to the opinions of those that wanna pull ya down and working for the outcome that you are after.”

The guys worked with long time friend of the band and video mastermind, Kyle Watson on the music video for ‘Dig In’, Geoffro explains: “The idea for the clip is super simple, just us in our rehearsal room, putting in. Digging In.”

PistonFist have just returned from playing ‘live in the dead centre of Australia;’ the Northern Territory, thrashing out their tracks live and loud at the iconic Blacken Festival, sharing the stage with some of the best of the best in heavy music including; Psycroptic, Amyl and the Sniffers, Revocation, Southeast Desert Metal, Lagerstein, Lo!, Black Rheno and many more. Missed them at Blacken? Catch the Fist live at their upcoming shows, all details can be found across their socials. 

‘Dig In’ was recorded,mixed and produced by Nik Carpenter of Core Studios and was mastered by Ayden Perry of Shatter Recording Studios. The music video was filmed and produced by Kyle Watson of Forty Two Fifteen VP.

‘Dig In’ is officially released on the 19th of August 2022 and will be available on all listening and streaming platforms.