PRIORITIES Melbourne Metalcore Rising Stars Release 2-Track Compilation

Melbourne metalcore rising stars Priorities release their crushing 2-track compilation ‘Medusa’ & ‘If I Believed’. Driven by harrowing breakdowns and unrelenting grooves, both tracks introduce the groups signature raw intensity in a well produced package.

‘Medusa’ & ‘If I Believe’ will treat listeners to a dynamic one-two punch of terse riffs, haunting melodies, a relentless rhythm section and hook laden choruses. Erupting in a nostalgia driven and aggressive wall of sound from the opening note, the group’s commendable musicianship builds and resolves tension effortlessly in a way that sends shivers down your spine. Vocalist Mitch Sigge delivers gut-wrenching melodies and evocative hooks that will stay with the listener long after the song has finished. 

Sigge on the release: “Both these tracks have follow a similar vein and are deeply personal. ‘Medusa’ explores what it’s like to be in a toxic space and breaking free from it. Lyrically, this track was co-written by myself and my partner, we both wanted to touch on our own experiences from the past, and how we came to find ourselves in the end. I wrote the lyrics to ‘If I Believed’ a long time ago, long before Priorities was even a band. I was in a really dark place and felt like the world was out to get me. ‘If I Believed’ is about the hopelessness I felt at that time; it felt like my whole world was completely shattered and all I had left to get through the day was music. At that point in time I was jealous of people who were pushing through their own challenges with a smile on their face because I couldn’t do that.”

Though new to the scene, Priorities have already taken the Australian music scene by storm with their unique and passion-filled take on traditional metalcore. The group has been garnering national covergae and airplay with features on Maniacs, Hysteria Mag, Wall Of Sound, Triple J, Triple M, #52 on The Faction Hardest 100 and have performed alongside Furious George, Suspyria, Caution: Theives, Catalyst, NTH RD, Druid & more. With more new music & upcoming shows in the works, we are excited to see the new era of Priorities unfold.

‘Medusa’ & ‘If I Believed’ are out now via