Germany’s Metallers Any Given Day release Scorpions’ Wind of Change cover

Metal heavyweight ANY GIVEN DAY, from the heart of the German Ruhr area released their special take on Scorpions’ anthem of peace Wind Of Change‘.

Their special take will be exclusively available on a limited 7″ colored vinyl (17.06.) at the Arising Empire Shop / band shop and all earnings will go to “TMR Flüchtlingshilfe Ukraine Berlin e.V.” to help those in needs.

Andy (guitarist and producer) on their special take on ‘Wind Of Change‘: “It was like a flash of inspiration that shot through my head a few weeks ago when I read a report about Klaus Meine (singer of the Scorpions) saying “It’s time for a new Wind of Change!”. I knew for sure , he is absolutely right and I started working on the first demo version in my studio the same day.”

“When Andy showed us the first ideas, we were absolutely thrilled and we all agreed: we have to finish this! We recorded more demo versions and eventually got official permission from Klaus Meine to produce and release our own version of ‘Wind Of Change‘!”

“Music is a universal language that connects us all, that everyone understands and that brings us closer together. Especially in hard times like these, we all have to stick together and take care of each other! This cover is our personal contribution to spreading hope and uniting listeners all over the world, also beyond Ukraine!”

“For these reasons, we took the lyrics to the verses as the Scorpions did live on their US tour in April. With this we position ourselves very clearly against the war. This unnecessary war is absolutely incomprehensible to us, it leaves us stunned and we can all only hope and pray that it will end as soon as possible!”

“We would also like to thank all the volunteers who give their best every day and expose themselves to great dangers to help the victims of the war!”

“‘Wind Of Change‘ has always been a distinctive anthem of peace. A hymn that accompanies each and every one of us throughout life. It is an unspeakable honor for us to be able to implement this piece of music history in our own style.”