Review: JD Garrahy

Ho…..lee……shiiiiiit!!!! Sit down, strap in and embrace for the DevilDriver album that you have waited for. In a massive feat, the California lads have delivered one hell of a starter for their 2 part belter that is, Dealing With Demons.

Kicking off with ‘Keep Away From Me’, Dez’s signature scream blasts you straight into the front of what is an annihilation of the senses. A perfect introduction to a stellar album in true DD fashion. Everything that you hope for, this album delivers. Break-neck beats, killer riffs and Dez doing his very best to rupture your eardrums, it has it all.

‘Nest of Vipers’ is a brilliant track, starting with a semi-acoustic intro and launching into shattering fret work, its a stand out of this album as it truly encapsulates DDs form that they have perfected over their illustrious career. The haunting intro of ‘Iona’ is certain to make metal heads froth at the mouth when we once more get to witness this massive band live. The mosh inducing double kick of the bass drum that Austin D’Amond slays, gives you nothing but desire to headbang once more.

‘Wishing’ is a track that is sure to draw new fans to the ever growing DD family. With a hefty rhythm guitar presence that dominates the song, it’s a brilliant mid album track that further assists in making this album a great all rounder.

Now to address the elephant in the room, ‘You Give Me A Reason To Drink’, I for one have been eagerly awaiting a father/son collaboration for Dez and Simon to perform and this track DOES NOT disappoint. This kid has serious vocal chops that he very obviously inherits from dear old dad. From start to finish, I was hooked on this song and blasted it repeatedly while on my morning and afternoon commute.

‘Dealing With Demons’ and ‘The Dead Don’t Cry’ is a phenomenal 1-2 hit to the ears. When you think that it will start to wind down, it knocks you further into the abyss and makes sure you know for damn certain, that this is DevilDriver at their absolute best. There are few that come close to the ferocity of this band.

Rounding out the album is ‘Scars Me Forever’. A perfect “To Be Continued…” track to really drive this offering home. The feel of the riffs and accompanying drum beats just feels like there is so much left to say, yet it would be too hefty of an album if they DIDN’T make it a two parter.

Get yourself a copy of this album, NOW. Stream it if you have no other way, but purchase is the best way to not only hear such an epic offering but to also support a band that puts so much of their raw emotion and hard work into their art. Looking forward to seeing so many of these songs live and also VERY keen to listen to Part 2. Get into it!!

Get Devildriver – “Dealing With Demons I” here: https://smarturl.it/DealingWithDemonsI